Results of Resolutions and Other Convention Business

Resolution 1:  Lay: 33 yes 91 no.  Clergy:  12 yes, 36 no.  Failed.

Resolution 2:  Lay 104 yes 16 no.  Clergy 36 yes, 13 no.  Passed.

Resolution 3:  Lay 104 yes, 16 no.  Clergy 35 yes, 11 no.  Passed.

Resolution 4:  Lay 91 yes, 29 no.  Clergy 27 yes, 18 no.  Passed.

I’m personally glad 4 passed.

Constitution and Canons – no report.  Praise God.

Courtesy resolutions.  I am not going to blog these.  We love the bishop day celebrated in Western Louisiana.

Talked to Cameron; he will give me an interview after the convention is over.

2 Responses to “Results of Resolutions and Other Convention Business”

  1. 1 Sarah October 11, 2008 at 8:45 pm


    So you’ve got 12 clergy on the right fringe, 18 on the left fringe, and 16 as the moderate conservatives in the diocese.

    Hope the 12 and 16 can agree on another good bishop 3-4 years from now — that 18 represents a strong minority.

  2. 2 One Small Voice October 12, 2008 at 12:39 am

    The diocese of Wla is not interested in any other options than the Communion Partnership Plan. Sad.

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