Interview With Canon Gregory Cameron, Deputy Secretary Of The Anglican Consultative Council

Of course, I was extremely nice and cordial and didn’t openly disagree with him in the interview.  However, he seriously underestimates TEC’s ability to say they believe in the creeds and the “truth” when in fact they don’t.  It remains of critical importance to the inside strategy to show otherwise – we have to keep pounding the message.

I have decided that indecisiveness is an Anglican genetic trait.  Canon Cameron confirms that.

In any event, below is a link to another Windows media file from my handy dandy digital voice recorder which gave us the audio coverage for the convention.  For the next Diocesan convention I plan on moving on to video, but I think I will need an assistant.

What is important to note is that Sarah Hey is correct – this is the responsible guy.  Windsor Report, Panel of Reference, Covenant Design Group, you name it.  He is the secretary for all these things, and says so in the interview.  Moreover, I would note that his vision for the Anglican Communion is part of his same view as ecumenism, meaning that while ties in the Anglican Communion among its member churches ought to be stronger than among Christian churches in general, he has a strong view of Provincial autonomy as being Anglican.  God is using the current controversies for multiple purposes, and one of those, I honestly believe, is to forge a world-wide united Anglican church, rather than a loose confederation of churches.  The Anglican Communion coming of age, so to speak.  I cannot believe that the Holy Spirit would lead us to less unity in Anglicanism, as with God, there is always more.  I think Canon Cameron would agree with me that the convergence of churches is the work of the Holy Spirit, as he says so in the interview, but I don’t think he sees the immediate need for the same.  While the church has been in disarray for the last 2000 years (history bears this out), I think that is largely due to the works of man, not the Spirit.  We need to strive for unity, if for no other reason than Jesus Christ prayed for the same on the night before he died.

In any event, the interview is certainly informative about this process under which we’ve been engaging since GC2003.  This is the guy involved in trying to resolve the aftermath.  I hope my readers will listen to this and his remarks to the convention and comment on the same.

Interview with Gregory Cameron

3 Responses to “Interview With Canon Gregory Cameron, Deputy Secretary Of The Anglican Consultative Council”

  1. 1 Timothy Fountain October 12, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Brad – thanks for picking up on the discussion of the Holy Spirit – I liked Cameron’s idea about how churches seeking the Holy Spirit should naturally converge (I am paraphrasing).

    But how damning his opeing list of Anglican entites which he’s led… all of the most ineffectual, unresponsive contraptions.

    Great job on your part and good on him for granting it.

  2. 2 Fr. David Baumann October 18, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Fine observations, Brad, on the Anglican realignment, i.e. Spirit-led versus manmade, the Anglican Church coming of age, etc. Beautifully said in a few words.

  1. 1 1 cv writer of the year by parw Trackback on October 30, 2014 at 1:44 am

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