Apparatchiks & the Diocese Convention of Western Louisiana

From Sarah Hey.  Read it all!!!!!!

A snippit:

One cannot conceive of what he could hope from so liberal and institutional an Anglican partisan. Efforts for relief or reform or discipline in the Communion are resisted and sabotaged by Cameron — see New Orleans HOB response as Exhibit A. He is the classic bureaucrat from Yes, Prime Minister.

My suspicion is that having a high-level Lambeth Palace bureaucrat in to the convention is supposed to somehow comfort those conservatives in the diocese who have determined that there will be no Anglican Communion discipline, order, or identity established. And they are certainly correct about that latter as long as the likes of Cameron are on the prowl. But I have no doubt that he will do his job at the convention — which is to deliver some sort of address that purports to hope for order and Communion integrity, with vague hints of Something Big To Come just as long as the laypeople sit tight and don’t make waves, as well as generous heaping helpings of Wait-Until-The-Covenant-Gets-Here.

But Lambeth apparatchiks have tipped their hand time and time again.

1 Response to “Apparatchiks & the Diocese Convention of Western Louisiana”

  1. 1 tjmcmahon October 10, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Those of us here in the frozen north do hope our brothers and sisters in the South will be kind enough to get the good Canon’s ear while he is in the states and put a couple questions to him.

    Along the lines of “The ABoC said at Lambeth that he intended to move along the process of providing shelter for the orthodox within sixty days. Would you please lay out for us the specific steps he has taken and a timeline for announcement of the names of Primates and Bishops of the Pastoral Council?”

    Or “We note with some apprehension that dioceses in TEC began blessing same sex unions and marriages approximately 12 hours after the WCG issued the call for moratoria on this and other issues. What actions will be taken to address the behavior of bishops who are once again violating the expressed will of the Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

    Or (one that I personally believe extremely important but not being talked about much): “TEC has been using the controversy over sexuality issues as a smokescreen to hide huge changes in liturgical practice, such as the inviting the unbaptized to receive Holy Communion. Since he invited the bishops who allow, participate in and encourage this practice, what steps, if any, is he now taking to discipline those who desecrate the Holy Sacrament?”

    Of course, one might also ask THE question: “Who is the Bishop of Pittsburgh?”

    From my point of view, it might be best to ask the last question first. As that might determine how much if any credence one gives to whatever else he has to say.

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