When Faced With Options, You Choose

Just as an FYI for my loyal readers, I’ve opted to attend the ad hoc committee on structure meeting for Kairos Prison Ministry, which is a part of the implementation of doubling the size of the ministry in ten years. I am choosing this over attending the Province VII synod, which is the same weekend.

This committee of eight people will be doing some important work. I ask that you hold this meeting in your prayers.

The Provincial meetings in TEC can be the initial skirmishes before General Convention. Last time I roused things up with a couple of resolutions. I hope someone else takes up that task.

What will be interesting is when the roll is called (if it is called) for Ft. Worth. It will be a stark reminder of the brokenness of our church.

2 Responses to “When Faced With Options, You Choose”

  1. 1 Bob Maxwell+ August 24, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Go where He calls you to go. That’s why alternates were elected since there are choices that are more important for different individuals. Suddenly moving from El Paso up the river to Los Alamos, I was to have been nominated from W TX for V.P. of a TX 12 Step fellowship [not AA} and had to convince them that this is why we had alternates and that I wouldn’t come back from NM as that wouldn’t be working the Steps but rather co-dependent.

    One of Sarah’s insights about Lambeth was that with the absence of so many familiar strong orthodox voices, God inspired other voices to be raised such as ++Egypt and ++Sudan. May it be so at your provincial synod.

  2. 2 One Small Voice August 25, 2008 at 1:24 am


    We will miss you in OK City, and no FT Worth will not be there. It is what it is.

    C3 WLA

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