A Reminder of The Generation Gap In The Episcopal Church

According to Louie Crew, only 71 deputies out of 1021 elected deputies to TEC’s General Convention are under 40. That is roughly 7%. Almost insignificant, statistically speaking. Only 16.2% are in their forties, so you are then talking a mere 21% or so being under 50. UNDER 50!

There are also more lawyers at GC2009 than people under 40, which is really bad considering that more than half the deputies have to be clergy. Considering that the Episcopal Church is usually considered to be a predominately Caucasian bunch (to say it mildly), yes, there are 8 more African American deputies than there are deputies under 40.

The average age of Congress is less than that of General Convention, and you have to be at least 25 to run for Congress and 30 to run for the Senate.

This piece is probably worth a re-read, especially the comments where a very broad spectrum of Anglicans in the blogosphere weigh in on this topic.

1 Response to “A Reminder of The Generation Gap In The Episcopal Church”

  1. 1 Jeffersonian August 6, 2008 at 2:59 am

    I think what you’re saying, Brad, is that we have a lot of ’60s retreads running the HoD.

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