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A Post To the HOBD Listserv About Hubris

I’m still fighting down the temptation to cite anecdotal evidence from individual Episcopalians showing the superiority complex. So, I will win this fight and just say this: look into your own hearts, bishops and deputies. Look hard. Do you think that the Anglican/Episcopal way is “more excellent” (to quote an email from a certain priest in our church who left the Baptists for the Episcopal Church) than other Christian denominations? Do you feel slightly superior to others seeking Christ in other churches because of our liturgy, our prayer book, our concern for the environment, our rigorous requirements of theological education for our ordinands?

As far as God is concerned, none of these things matters, unless they reach people and bring them to Christ and help build the Kingdom of God on earth. They are nothing of which to be proud; they are nothing of which to judge other Christians.

Unless we become humble about ourselves, our church (small c), and what we do and are about, we have a huge stumbling block to serving the Lord. I also think this has a great deal to do with the crisis we face in the Anglican Communion. The crisis persists not only because of what we have done as a church, but our own hubris about it.