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The Colbert Report On Anglicanism

A must watch.

Poo Poo Broussard’s ET – Friday Palate Cleanser

A Post From Last Year – Coon-ass Chateaubriand

You take a one pound to one and a half pound Texas broil (which, if you shop smartly, should cost you all of $3.00 or so with grocery store discount card.) I often buy these steaks and freeze them, which translates to one average Mardi Gras plastic cup filled with ice, 3 ounces of Old Forester bourbon and filled to the brim with Coke zero to cook the steak with no defrosting for medium rare. On one side coat with zero calorie zero fat I can’t believe it is not butter spay (the most revisionist thing out there) and liberally sprinkle Durkee’s steak dust. Flip and coat the other side with spray butter and Montreal Steak Seasoning for McKormick’s or Mrs. Dash. Heat gas grill to 450 degrees, and cook steak. As steak is cooking, spray the side you just turned over with, what Sarah Drell calls “Dad’s steak potion” which consists of equal parts of extra virgin olive oil and Lea and Perrin’s Worchestershire sauce, which works well with those used spray butter containers of which you will have many around after discovering this recipe.

When cooked like you like it, remove from the grill. Serve with: scalloped potatoes and green beans or salad. Wine: Menage a Trois California table wine or an Australian cabernet shiraz blend.

Your mileage may vary. Serves two to three.

Bishop Ackerman On A Roll

From David Virtue:

CANTERBURY-A leading orthodox bishop of The Episcopal Church has proposed canceling the 2009 Episcopal Church General Convention in order to fund the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Following the Thursday march on London by over 600 Anglican bishops and their spouses in support of the MDGs, the Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman, Bishop of Quincy, said that “there should be no General Convention this year, and all the money for the convention should be sent to fund the goals.”

Ackerman furthermore called for The Episcopal Church to “cancel all meetings that require face to face and conduct nothing but video conferencing.” He said that the American wing of the Anglican Communion should “donate its money to churches that would be positively affected.”

Though leaders of The Episcopal Church have stated their commitment to the MDGs and made their biggest stand yet in London on Thursday, Ackerman has doubts that The Episcopal Church has yet made a true commitment.

“If the church is absolutely, totally committed to these goals, there are three things it needs to do,” Ackerman said.

“First, place the goals in the context of the Gospel itself.

“Second, leaders must make the necessary changes in their own personal lifestyle so that they can make their own commitment to model what God wants done.

“Third, the church must corporately find a way to fund this.”

In response to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s invitation to African bishops to join her for drinks at a Canterbury reception (despite the Sudanese bishops’ abstinence from alcohol), Ackerman offered a specific MDG funding proposal. “Do not invite the Sudanese to a reception. Cancel the reception and give the money to the Sudanese church.”

This dude, who I have met personally, has got to stop making sense before it gets him in real trouble with 815.