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David Virtue Emailed To Say That The Archbishop of Sudan is six foot five inches and not diminutive

Chris Sugden and David Virtue have way too much time on their hands.

A Little Commentary On Recent Anglican News

Trying to get any feel for what is going on at the Lambeth Conference is much like having this kind of seat at the baseball game:

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Last One For Tonight: The Final Lambeth Press Conference Presentation On Their Resolution Of The Issues Confronting The Communion

Obviously, that would be Archbishop Aspinall in the plaid shorts with Rowan Williams looking on:

A Tribute To Binky On The Lambeth Conference With The Help Of The Fail Blog

See the posts below. Okay, so I had a hard day at work and I was missing Binky’s Anglican blogroll.

Of course, he still blogs on general religion news here.

TEC Making Further Efforts To Track the Vast Conservative Anglican Conspiracy

Trying To Keep Control Of The Media At The Lambeth Conference

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Holding Those Divergent Positions In Tension In The Anglican Communion

An Idea For the Lambeth Tent

Lambeth Trying To Solve Problems In The Anglican Communion

After GC2009