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+MacPherson & +Howe Going To Church Yesterday

An email from Bishop MacPherson to me regarding the Lambeth Conference

Dear Brad,

Again, congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary this past week. Susan and I will share our 50th this Friday … with me in Canterbury and her in Alexandria! Sad, as this is a momentous and wonderful day in our lives shared.

With regard to anything to share, as you know we have spent our first three days “in retreat” and this did provide a pause before the rush of things before us. Every day begins with Eucharist and Bible study, and I am blessed with a great Bible study group. Not only an opportunity for some sound theological reflection on Scripture, but faithful prayer time.

Following worship at Canterbury Cathedral yesterday, we had our opening session for the introduction of that which is before us. I must state there have been a myriad of rumours as to whether we would be addressing the “creative tension” (and I am not making light of what we are in the midst of in the wider church, but rather, endeavouring to be polite). Based on what we heard in the reporting made to us, we will indeed be dealing with this. Needless to say, this came as encouraging news.

The Communion Partners plan continues to unfold in a good way, and we are pleased with the development and support of this that is evident here. As you may have seen, the public media over here is also talking about it. I will share more later on this.

Thus, this is where we are on the day in which things will, as you say, “begin in earnest.”

Please know of my prayers for our diocesan family, and my appreciation for the prayers that are being offered for the gathering here.

Blessings in abundance,


The Rt. Rev’d D. Bruce MacPherson
Bishop of Western Louisiana
and President of Province VII