Surprised by Grace: One Mainline Pastor’s Story

Read it all. I can say the story is pretty close to my own, growing up Episcopalian and being where I am now theologically speaking. Here is just a snippit:

I had jumped the shark, so to speak. As a mainline, PC(USA) pastor I had found myself the guy that I used to laugh about. That mocking derision to the simple-minded folk who actually claimed what I now claimed about the Bible was directed at me. You see, in the mainline church culture, it only works one way: conservatives and evangelicals can turn liberal. But never, never the reverse! A liberal turning fundamentalist is a violation of the contract. Oh well…

While I was personally never a wide eyed crazy liberal, I sure didn’t worry about things like homosexuality and the church and was always glad I was better than the fundamentalists (remember the top ten reasons to be Episcopalian t-shirts floating about? I still have one…)

Now, I are one. With a nagging feeling of embarrassment about the hubris I had toward my fellow Christians.

1 Response to “Surprised by Grace: One Mainline Pastor’s Story”

  1. 1 Cajun Huguenot July 21, 2008 at 4:04 am

    Great link.


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