A Recent Press Release From Kairos Prison Ministry

Note: There will be an interview of Kairos Executive Director John Thompson on Sirius 159, the Catholic Channel, tonight.

Kairos Prison Ministry
Media Contact: (407) 629-4948

Sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in Prison

“There is always discussion about our ministry plans and our future ministries. Certainly we care about inmates and their reentry into society. We want prisoners to have education, good medical care, job training, etc. However, we must never lose sight of the original vision of our ministry. The vision of our founders and the reason God has blessed us so generously. We bring the love of Jesus Christ to inmates and through Kairos Outside to their families. We are currently just touching the surface of that core ministry.” – John A. Thompson, Jr., Executive Director, Kairos

“I have never seen the Gospel impact a group of people with such power and so quickly. I do not think I have ever laughed as much or cried as much or prayed as much as I did during those four days.” — The Rt. Rev. Furman C. Stough, former Episcopal Bishop of Alabama.

“I have known for years, as have most of the leading criminologists in the country, that the greatest hope for an inmate to avoid the revolving doors of our prisons is to undergo a religious conversion experience during his or her incarceration.” – Dr. Peter P. Legins, Prof. Emeritus, University of Maryland, Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my son a time he will never forget. I hope you know that when you gave my son that gift you also gave it to me.” — A mother of a Kairos participant in Oklahoma.

“After 12 years involvement with this ministry at all levels, I believe the strength of Kairos is in how we build an ecumenical community and then, through the power of the Holy Spirit, transform the lives of those we minister to as we help them build their own Christian communities.” – Ross Anderson, Former President of the Kairos Board of Directors

“I am amazed by the way God re-educated me in prison and opened up this waiting door for me so quickly and wonderfully. I thank him every day for the way my life has been changed by the Lord Jesus.” – A former inmate from West Glamorgan, U.K.

The following are comments made by Kairos graduates immediately following the three-day short course (names withheld to protect inmates’ privacy):

“I’ve been locked up since I was 16 and I’m not getting out for a long time. When you’re faced with that, reality is dark. At times, you find things that light your way. This agape love will forever be a light in my darkness.”

“I came to Kairos with a heavy heart, full of anger, hate and revenge. While in Kairos, I heard a speech on forgiveness. I needed that because of what happened to my son. Because I was locked up I wasn’t there to protect him and stop terrible things from happening to him. With the plans I had for this young man, God helped me give the gift of life back.”

“What spiritual condition was I in when I came? I was in critical condition. I hope to be out of the hospital soon with the love of Jesus. I discovered agape love I never experienced before except from my grandma.”

“When I came, I had no faith in myself, no faith in mankind and no faith in God. God loved me when I could not love myself. I’ve dedicated anew, my life to Christ.”

For more information on the Kairos Prison Ministry, call John Thompson, executive director @ (407) 629-4948 or visit the Kairos website at http://www.kairosprisonministry.org.

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