Check Out Joe Robert’s Blog, Cotton Country Anglican

You may recall me posting some of his stuff here under the title of “Rough Seas.”

2 Responses to “Check Out Joe Robert’s Blog, Cotton Country Anglican”

  1. 1 Marie at Rez March 16, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    Looks like a worthwhile addition to my Bookmarks.
    Like Joe, I came to the Episcopal Church full grown, in 1969, having been a Baptist most of my life before that. I loved the liturgy, the sense of tradition and history, the amount of Bible readings in a service, as opposed to the two or three verses the Baptist preacher had chosen for his text that Sunday. I liked the fact the readings were rotated on a regular schedule so that all msnner of subjects were covered in the three year schedule. (Nothing like having a preacher who hated gambling and preached on it each and every Sunday.) I liked having Inquirers Class, who prospect had a chance to know what we believed before they signed up. It felt like coming home. Many years later, when I took up genealogy, I was surprised to find that it really was coming home to the faith of my ancestors in colonial virginia.

    I remember the Zebra, then Son of Zebra trial Prayer
    Books. Ugly yellow and black striped things. Somehow I missed the green one he mentioned. I remember being upset that just when I had the Nicean Creed down pat, they changed it. Little did I know that was just the thin end of the wedge of changes that would take place over the next 30 years. OKing divorce, doing away with the hat requirement opened the door a bit
    wider, til now the door has been torn off its hinges and discarded. A Priest can be straight, gay, married three or four times, male or female, Muslim, Buddhist, Druid or clown.

    At times I mourn for the loss of that church I joined so many years ago. and at times I feel as though I mis-placed it as I sometimes do with my glasses and if I keep looking I’ll find it. But reason tells me it is gone and lost forever, at least here in the USA. Back then Icould fill my VW with gas for $3. Now $3 gets enough gas for the lawnmower. My church has been similiarly downgraded.

  2. 2 Kenneth Jones March 24, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Like you, Marie, I’m not a cradle Anglican….having been born a Northern Baptist, raised a Presbyterian, and confirmed in the Episcopal Church (when it was still a highly-respected part of the Anglican Communion). My wife and I too went through the changes in the Prayer Book, beginning in 1964, when we were confirmed by Bishop Banyard in the Diocese of New Jersey.

    It wasn’t too many years after that when we saw things beginning to change; the 1979 BCP, the ordination of women, the change in the marriage canons, the relegation of the 39 Articles of Religion to the status of “Historical Documents of the Church,” and finally, the founding of Integrity.

    I was a student at CDSP’s School for Deacons in Berkeley, when I began to question whether or not God really wanted me in Holy Orders, and the answer came one day when I was told that part of my “education” was to include a very graphic course on “Human Sexuality.” I determined that this was not the way in which I wanted to go.

    I walked out and never returned. From then on, things began to go downhill rapidly, and we left the Diocese of El Camino Real for the Diocese of San Joaquin. We have never regretted that decision.

    We are thankful that +John-David has led us away from apostasy and towards the light.

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