A Local Presbyterian Pastor’s Take On The Current Anglican Situation

The Rev. Bob Vincent is the Pastor of Grace Church here in Alexandria, which is associated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. BLD

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Grace,

On Thursday, I passed on the troubling story of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for Great Britain to bring Islamic law into their legal system. The Archbishop of Canterbury is highest clergy person in the Church of England and the chief bishop within the entire Anglican Communion, which includes the Episcopal Church here in America. This successor to Anselm and Cranmer is the quintessence of the spirit of the modern West. The West no longer believes in itself; we are ashamed of the heroes of our past, and we are not producing offspring because we are becoming nihilistic and have little confidence in the future.

Because I tend to move professionally in circles of people that think more or less as I do, I tend sometimes to forget that Archbishop Rowan’s thinking has now become representative of most of the opinion shapers in the mainline denominations.

I am no pacificist, but we are simply going to keep hitting this rattlesnake on his rattlers and never set about to cut off its head until our churches confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father but through him. Without that, Westerners are people without passion for big ideas, ideas worth sacrificing for; whereas, militant Islam is inspiring so many of its youth with their truth and giving them something worth dying for. Men and materiel cannot win the War on Terrorism while the West is losing its Christian soul and embracing multiculturalism and relativism, and to think we can is simply to play the fool.

Today I am passing on another troubling story from “Great” Britain, how an English “bishop has been ordered to undergo equal opportunities training and to pay a gay youth worker nearly £50,000 for refusing him a job because of his sexuality.”


I am not for persecuting people who struggle with same-sex attraction, but it is simple insanity to hire people to work with youth, when those youth workers are committed to a way of life that utterly disregards God’s Moral Law, especially in a professing Christian organization. Sadly, a British court disagrees with me, and now it is persecuting an English bishop for attempting to protect the youth of his diocese.

This certainly is a call to pray. Western civilization is crumbling before two barbaric forces: amoral, self-absorbed hedonism and militant Islam.

It is also a call for each of us to engage in evangelism. As a person who was first licensed to preach in 1965, I am convinced that the churches of the West are largely occupied by people who have never come to know the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

For Jesus’ sake,

Robert Benn Vincent, Sr.
Grace Presbyterian Church


1 Response to “A Local Presbyterian Pastor’s Take On The Current Anglican Situation”

  1. 1 Alice C. Linsley February 13, 2008 at 2:13 am

    God bless this Pastor!

    Here is a story that all should read. It will inform your prayers and perhaps break your heart.


    This link was sent to me by an Anglican Bishop who lives under Sharia and begs us to open our eyes!

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