A Post To the HOBD Listserv Regarding +Rowan Williams Lack of Reaction to +San Joaquin


In large measure, I think, we in TEC have been nothing but a pain in the +ABC’s rump. I mean both sides of the issues when I say this. What are we doing if we aren’t busy causing him problems, and we, so far, have refused every invitation he has given us to try to amicably resolve our problems through the Windsor Report, the various Communiques from the Primates, his letters. I think it is fair to say that no one has complied with the suggestions he has made or endorsed. If you were to step outside of TEC and your partisan position in it (you is plural, okay?) and look at this from +Rowan’s perspective, I think you might find you could sort of empathize with him in his sentiment about us, why he didn’t come to GC2006, why he hasn’t given anybody anything they have wanted, etc. Frankly, I don’t think he is likely to do so.

Additionally, often partisans like you and I get impatient with those that aren’t for not taking a stand, etc. I’ve come to grips with the idea that is just the way of things.

But, as to the presenting case of Bishop Schofield, the proof will be in the Lambeth pudding – does Schofield’s invitation get rescinded by the +ABC. Either it will, or it won’t, and that will tell us whether the actions of the Diocese of San Joaquin taken at their Diocesan Convention are kosher in the Anglican world under these particular circumstances, or not. So, we’ll know by this summer(?), which is, of course, not on your or my time schedule. I’m sure the +ABC is happy is happy to let us stew in our stuff for a while. When I try to empathize with him, I can’t say as I blame him. Don’t like it one bit, but, I can’t blame him.

Brad Drell
Lay, Western Louisiana

1 Response to “A Post To the HOBD Listserv Regarding +Rowan Williams Lack of Reaction to +San Joaquin”

  1. 1 Matthew January 17, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    The response to your post was interesting. If memory serves you had one respondent and his answer was that the ABC will do jack.

    He may be right. But I find it curious that in the face of all evidence to the contrary our Worthy Opponents think that theirs is the only game in town.

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