Fried Turkey Baby!

For years, my family had my grandmother’s dried up baked turkey. The breast meat folk liked it, but the dark meat folk didn’t – too dry. Then, my Dad started smoking turkeys. The dark meat folks were most pleased – juicy, flavorful; the breast folks, not so much – not done enough. We still have smoked turkey, but last year I started frying a turkey, which is a much more reliable way of cooking a turkey so it is actually done, but not overdone. It is also the quickest way to cook Turkey – 3 minutes per pound, once the oil is at 350 degrees.

This webpage has a pretty good description and instructions.

However, if you want truly fantastic fried turkey, you can do what I do. Inject that bad boy. I personally use Cajun Injector Creole Butter marinade (which works good for turkey cooked any way – smoked, baked, whatever) but I am going to mix it with the Spicy Butter flavor this year. Then, you coat that bird inside and out with Cajun Injector Cajun Shake, Tony’s (with no salt), or something along those lines which consists of red, black, and white pepper, paprika, and other spices.

It will be the best bird you ever had. All of the white meat and dark meat fans will celebrate. Why? Because in frying turkeys, the breast is kept closest to the heat. This is the big difference. The breast gets done and is still juicy, that dark meat gets done and is still juicy.

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