Micah Snell and What Happened In The Diocese of Los Angeles With His Ordination Process

Micah has written this piece. While I realize that it was the Commission on Ministry, and not Bishop Bruno, who decided not to endorse his candidacy to ordination, the rationale for the same – Micah’s conservatism – is still one that should be noticed and understood.

I would actually go so far as to say that most Bishops, including mine and Bishop Bruno, exercise a great deal more charity to those with whom they disagree on the presenting issues than do activist laity and clergy. Notice the same sex blessings issue was effectively voted down by the House of Bishops prior to GC2003, only to have Deputies pass it and then the bishops. The same, I think, is true of the ordination process at the local level as far as whether orthodox aspirants and postulants will be allowed to progress to ordination – the main obstacle may not be the bishops, who will generally want clergy to match up with their various congregations in their Dioceses – but the Commissions on Ministry and the Standing Committees.

That of course, brings me to my own responsibilities on the Standing Committee of Western Louisiana. I will not write further on that on this blog, but it is safe to say I will be taking this responsibility even more seriously than I did before. I would hope that every reader of this blog would do the same, whether they are serving on a vestry, a discernment committee, a standing committee, a commission on ministry. Using my usual bluntness, please don’t kick problems up-stairs. Deal with them as soon as they come before you. Realize these folks could be bishops one day. The church will be much better off.

1 Response to “Micah Snell and What Happened In The Diocese of Los Angeles With His Ordination Process”

  1. 1 Matthew November 15, 2007 at 12:47 am

    Good advice. How I hope people take it to heart.

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