Dog Bites Man: Nashotah Graduate Refused Ordination In The Diocese of Los Angeles

From an email from a parishioner of this parish:

Blessed Sacrament is an orthodox parish in the diocese of Los Angeles. With the approval and blessing of the Diocese Commission and our Bishop, J.J. Bruno, our parishioner, Micah Snell entered Nashotah House as a vocationer for ordination to the priesthood. Now he has a letter from Bishop Bruno refusing to ordain him.

From Mr. Snell:

> Friends,
> I have received notice that the Rt. Rev. Jon Bruno, Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles, will not ordain me as a priest in his diocese. The deciding factor (according to his letter) was my Candidacy interviews where the diocesan Commission on Ministry found my beliefs and practices incompatible with those of the diocese. The CoM made a negative report and the bishop has embraced their consensus.
> At this point only a few more things need be said:
> 1. Jennifer, Elisabeth, and I are very well. The bishop’s decision was not expected but in some ways the timing could not be better.
> 2. We have a tremendous amount of support from friends, clergy, and faculty. They uniformly reassure me that I have a vocation and that I will not be stranded. Indeed more offers for help have been given than I could possibly receive.
> 3. I have written to Bishop Bruno asking him for clarity and discernment about what I should do next. Greg Herr, the senior warden of Blessed Sacrament Church Placentia has also contacted the bishop though we have yet to receive a response. Fr. David Baumann returns from his retreat this coming week and will in a timely fashion make whatever response he deems appropriate. The bishop’s decision may have significant implications for the parish and other vocationers from the parish. We are looking for a unified and gracious resolution to the situation as a whole, and in that respect it is important that my role not be exaggerated or isolated. If you are tempted to take any sort of action in response to the bishop’s decision I ask that you abstain. His Grace will be made fully aware of the parish’s concerns in due manner.
> 4. A lot more could be said. The point of this message is to distribute the key facts of the situation. I have omitted everything not pertinent. Probably you have questions. Some of them will have better answers in the coming weeks. I know you will speculate but I ask that you presume nothing about anyone involved. Please give no one undue cause for grief. More will be said when it is appropriate.
> Greg Herr will make an announcement about the bishop’s letter tomorrow (Sunday morning) at both BSC services. He will be available for questions afterward. I am happy to take your questions or concerns and will answer whatever I can.
> This message is public and may be shared. The distribution was BCC’d to avoid any potential log-jamming of inboxes.
> I remain indubitably yours and His,
> -MWS
> —
> Micah takes himself frivolously (and occasionally in the 3rd person) at

Well, since that is apparently the criteria in the Diocese of Los Angeles, perhaps the Standing Committee here in Western Louisiana should take a similar view…BLD

3 Responses to “Dog Bites Man: Nashotah Graduate Refused Ordination In The Diocese of Los Angeles”

  1. 1 Jeffersonian November 14, 2007 at 3:22 am

    Nothing new here. Our rector wandered the wilderness for years before finding a bishop that would ordain him. The issue: homosexuality. And this was 30 years ago.

  2. 2 WannabeAnglican November 14, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    I guess this is what inclusivity looks like, eh.

  3. 3 Matthew November 14, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    Micah has a follow up at his blog. Well worth reading.

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