Ruth Gledhill – +Rowan May Be Supportive of Move of Conservative TEC Dioceses to the Province of the Southern Cone

From here:

One of the largest provinces in the Anglican Church has voted to “extend its jurisdiction” to cover the whole of the US.

The decision marks the formal start of a “realignment” of the Anglican Communion in the row over gays and could help stave off actual schism.

The province of the Southern Cone, which includes Argentina, Peru and Chile and is headed by expatriate British Bishop Greg Venables, is offering itself as a “safe haven” for traditionalist US dioceses that wish to secede over gays.

The plan will allow disaffected US dioceses to leave the oversight of The Episcopal Church Primat Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori but to remain within the body of the Anglican Communion and in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

According to well-informed insiders, Dr Rowan Williams, while opposed to separatist solutions to the Anglican crisis, has described the plan of Bishop Venables as a “sensible way forward.”

Up to five dioceses in the US are understood to be interested in moving to the Southern Cone province. They include San Joaquin, Fort Worth and Pittsburgh. The development is unprecedented. While provinces such as Nigeria and Uganda have ordained bishops to pastor US parishes, none has yet agreed to take on board an entire diocese.

In a recent letter to one traditionalist US bishop, Dr Williams indicated the strength of his support for diocesan autonomy. He said: “The organ of union with the wider Church is the Bishop and the Diocese rather than the Provincial structure as such.”

1 Response to “Ruth Gledhill – +Rowan May Be Supportive of Move of Conservative TEC Dioceses to the Province of the Southern Cone”

  1. 1 raphael November 10, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Just a clarification. Abp Gregory Venables is NOT a British expatriate in South America. His eldest daughter married a Bolivian clergyman. Venables has served in Latin America for more than 20 years as a SAMS UK missionary. He is British by descent but latin in his approach to ministry and life. His Spanish is excellent.

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