Saturday Afternoon Live Blog – Western Louisiana Convention

LSU to kick off at 2:30 in Kentucky, so we need to finish. The only reason we are meeting today is because LSU in Kentucky.

Report of elections committee:

3 tallies made of the ballots.

Alternate to GC:

Reese Middleton
Penn Thompkins
Daniel is third

Must have been a split conservative vote.


Lay: 70-53 in favor.
Clergy 24nay to 19 yea.

Resolution fails.

(BLD Comment: Obviously, the clergy are not in step with the laity. This is a real shame. However, if trends continue and considering the number of vacancies we have in the Diocese, this result is not likely to be repeated.)
Kem Hartgrove for Constitution and Canons:

Proposed const. amendment from last year…has to pass two conventions and this is the second convention. Article X – Executive Committee becomes Diocesan Council. (This is in accord with how everyone else does things.)


Canon 9 to be amended along the same lines. Passed.

Report on International Missions.

Installation of folks elected.

Courtesy resolutions. Note: According to the chair in a conversation earlier, there will be no resolution for KJS.

That’s all folks.

1 Response to “Saturday Afternoon Live Blog – Western Louisiana Convention”

  1. 1 Tregonsee October 13, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    >> this result is not likely to be repeated

    Sounds promising if the selection of clergy, “encouraged” by the bishop, brings them in step with the laity. The only problem is that the clock is ticking, loudly.

    >>because LSU in Kentucky

    Yea, Sewanee’s Right!

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