Morning Live Blog II – Western Louisiana Convention

Keep hitting refresh..back after a hymn and a break.

Resolution being handed out..elections are to happen now.

Put no more or no less than required..add Daniel Cutler to the ballot. If ballot has more or fewer than the appropriate number, it will not be counted.

No runoff in the clergy…only five running. Will have two ballots on lay deputies. Vote for four clergy and four lay only at this time.

While balloting is going on, word around the campground is that conservatives were less than thrilled with Bishop MacPherson’s address regarding issues in the Anglican Communion. Some folks are no longer willing to wait, not even until October 31. Yet, the liberals aren’t happy with the resolution coming. No one is happy. We’ll see what develops.

Next will be the budget, which I am not going to live blog…too boring. I suspect we will have the ballot count after the budget presentation, but I could be wrong. Depends on how long Gray Easterling takes.

$1.4 million in income each year though.

Folks were asking for more money for the Good Shepherd Mission in Vidalia and for youth..want a full time youth person…but budget does have a youth minister matching fund this year.

Resolutions committee rising…the resolution I blogged last night will be presented. Objections anticipated. Judge Marchman at the mic ready to go. Peter Cook coming to the microphone.

Guido Verbeck coming to the mic. Kem Hartgrove getting up to object. Cheryl White at the microphone. as well. Going to be interesting. Alternating for and against. Rule #8 – identify yourself and why needing recognition. Procedural motions preclude speaking to the substance of the motion. Four speakers for, two either against or for procedural motions…we’ll see.

Peter Cook – two motions have been joined; lateness of the motion due to recency of HOB meeting. +Bruce had resolution there for pastoral scheme. Pastoral scheme is safe place for the orthodox. Without the safe place, church will continue to hemorrhage. Offshore oversight. Dioceses asking for Primatial oversight. Pastoral scheme would prevent this…designed to accommodate with American bishops providing oversight. Work out reconciliation. Covenant will ultimate replace.

Kem Hartgrove – speaking against – obviously we committed to Windsor last year. If anything comes up, we’ll have a special convention. That’s all we need. Things in the resolution – we don’t know what is necessary. What does call upon commit us to? What actions are we to take? What are the deputies to do. Act toward creation of pastoral scheme? Can we do this? Too many questions. We are Windsor compliant; that is all we need.

Guido Verbeck – speaking for – painfully aware that TEC has caused Anglican crisis. It is the Primates that are trying to find ways to save us and bring us back together. GC2006 failed to do this. HOB meeting was on the same course. Fracturing the church. Global South coming to aid of orthodox. If we would pass this, incursions would stop. Brings us closer to what we are trying to seek. Anglican Communion keeps throwing us lifelines, including the pastoral scheme.

Ginger Paul – against – many breathed when Kenneth retired, but here’s Ginger. Feels resolution is premature. We are in a process. October 3 reports of ACC Committee said we had clarified the outstanding questions. Not a uniform response. Quoting the forum…need to be aware of the process.

Cheryl White – for – refer to packet last year and read Windsor Compliant resolutions. Two resolutions – look closely at what we committed to. It is a process, but we are in a different part of the process. Nothing inconsistent with last year.

Mitzi George – against – in light of Bishop’s address and Gospel to be of one body…resolution has sense of division instead of reconciliation..unknown variables…when do we trust the process to which we were called to be faithful…Bishop called us to be faithful to Windsor…shouldn’t circumvent the process. So vote against so process can work.

Sharon Marchman – for – co-author of the motion. Offered to track language of our own bishop’s resolution offered to the HOB. Bruce’s resolution didn’t make it out of committee. Show support for the bishop. Culmination of process – Camp Allen Principles discussed and incorporated and set for the pastoral scheme. It is the only way we can show continued commitment to the Windsor process.

Mark MacDonald – against – past summer – healing and reconciliation – this is forcing us to make a choice, will be divisive – trusts we will work in the processes of TEC and Anglican Communion. Don’t see the need for the resolution.

Paul Martin – for – believes this to be a vehicle in which we can maintain the dialogue and supports our bishop. Allows us to be pro-active rather than reactive, which is better.

Morgan Allen – Point of Order – rules of procedure – Rule #12 – third sentence – 300 copies of materials. Specific reference to bishop’s resolution to HOB – requesting 300 copies – or discharge the motion. Bishop ruling that the pastoral scheme accompanied that. Morgan arguing with the Bishop. Objection overruled.

Keith Milligan – read a copy of the Bishop’s resolution?

Morgan Allen – against the resolution – I am reminded of Jarius – please to Jesus to come heal his child. We are stewards of God’s church. We need Jesus to heal who is ailing. Jesus didn’t raise the daughter, but said the child is only sleeping and was left unattended because family and friends to pre-occupied with there own struggle. Asks convention to reject resolution and take a look at those in need…one body – TEC.

Pt. of Order – Sharon Marchman – move for vote by order and by written ballot. Second. Motion carries.

Elections committee still counting the votes. So, we are working on the ballots at this time.

Penn Thompkins at the microphone.

Reporting on GC elections:


Thompson – alternate

alternates will be next round of elections – vote for one next round.

mark on the same ballot – yes or no to the resolution is before us. Mark lay or clergy as vote is by orders.

Middleton, Thompkins, and Cutler. Vote for one and only one.

Noonday prayer and lunch.

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