Had A Wonderful Visit At USP Pollock Today Bringing Clarity and Peace

I suppose after the last two weeks I needed a good dose of what I am about, and, more importantly, who I am about. My soul needed refreshment. We had a new resident come to the reunion today. He’s been out of prison a good bit, but has become a writer of Christian songs. We had him sing one of his original compositions to us. It was beautiful. I can’t recall all of the lyrics, but it, like the Dave Matthews song below, focused on the human side of Jesus, talking about the betrayal by Judas and how much that must have hurt Jesus, among other things. The chorus theme was talking about how the nails of the cross weren’t necessary, because “His love would have held him there.”

Jesus love for a lost humankind held Him to the Cross.

I suppose that is what is most trying about the ministry I do, whether on this blog, in the prison, in my parish, in the Diocese, and elsewhere. It is encountering people who avoid the real Jesus Christ. Folks who re-write the Bible to fit their own taste. Folks who claim Jesus on their lips but do not claim him in their lives in caring for the poor and sick and the hardest part of all in Matthew 25, visiting those in prison. Folks who would degrade Jesus’ sacrifice as unnecessary for the atonement of our sins; folks who find movies like the Passion of the Christ distasteful. Folks who would take their own righteousness they only have through Jesus Christ and bludgeon others with it, and forget that love is what this is all ultimately about – love from God, love for God, and love to each other.

Folks like you and me.

Perhaps to this extent Anglicanism in North America is the most quintessentially Christian church, with all its divisions. Before we go patting ourselves on the back or hanging our heads in shame (depending on how you look at it), realize that that Anglicanism in the United States relates to Christianity as a whole much like the South relates to the rest of the United States; unlike others, we in the South don’t lock up our craziest people, we parade them about for all to see.

Nope, this piece won’t have any pronouncements of what directions any Anglican should go as regards the Episcopal Church. But, I tell you this. Folks don’t know what they are missing when they avoid the real Jesus Christ.

Especially me.

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