Jonathan Lee Riches, Friviolous Lawsuit Filer Extraordinairre, Files Suit Against The Jena 6, The LaSalle Parish District Attorney, And Others

Well, you know you’ve become a national icon when Jonathan Lee Riches sues you. Now, the Jena Six, including Mychal Bell, District Attorney Reed Walters and others have joined the ranks of such notables as George W. Bush, Martha Stewart, Terry Shiavo, and Michael Vick.

You can read Riches’ suit against the Jena Six here.

Paragraph 7 is my personal favorite: “Defendants sent white supremacists and white trash after me to feed me to Barry White.”

Something in there to offend just about everybody, regardless of race, color, or political affiliation.

In any event, here is a listing from the U.S. Party/Case Name Index of every suit that this guy has filed in the last two years. <a href=””>You can read a number of the suits here.</a> Pretty unbelievable.

1 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 2:2007mc00033 09/27/2007 09/27/2007
In re: Jonathan Lee Riches
2 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE wydce 2:2006cv00081 03/23/2006 550 05/18/2006
Riches v. United States Military et al
3 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE medce 2:2007cv00124 07/16/2007 550 08/28/2007
4 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE wvndce 1:2007cv00130 09/24/2007 470
Riches v. Crandall Canyon Mine et al
5 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flndce 1:2007cv00150 08/16/2007 440
6 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE medce 2:2007cv00169 09/21/2007 550
7 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE gamdce 1:2007cv00176 09/10/2007 820
Riches v. 50 Cent
8 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 6:2006cv00194 01/27/2006 540 03/17/2006
Riches v. Bureau of Prisons et al
9 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE nhdce 1:2007fp00212 07/16/2007 550
Riches v. Jewish Mossad et al
10 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE pawdce 1:2007cv00255 09/24/2007 440
RICHES v. KARR et al
11 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE okedce 6:2007cv00292 09/14/2007 840
Riches v. Underwood
12 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE nvdce 2:2006cv00293 03/08/2006 550 05/07/2007
Riches v. Defcon, et al
13 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE iasdce 4:2007cv00369 08/20/2007 550
Riches v. I-35W Bridge
14 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE inndce 3:2007cv00375 08/14/2007 550 08/16/2007
Riches v. Bonds et al
15 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE kywdce 3:2007cv00376 07/17/2007 550
Riches v. Identity Theft Inc. et al
16 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 5:2007cv00376 09/17/2007 550 09/24/2007
Riches v. Snipes
17 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE vawdce 7:2007cv00379 08/07/2007 550 08/13/2007
Riches v. Swartz et al
18 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE ncwdce 3:2007cv00384 09/12/2007 550 09/20/2007
Riches v. Gordon et al
19 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flndce 4:2007cv00408 09/21/2007 555
20 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE vawdce 7:2007cv00427 09/05/2007 550 09/12/2007
Riches v. Williams et al
21 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE vaedce 3:2007cv00434 07/23/2007 550
Riches v. Vick
22 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 4:2006cv00442 02/16/2006 440 03/22/2006
Riches v. Bush
23 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE dedce 1:2007cv00538 09/07/2007 555
Riches v. Craig et al
24 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE vaedce 3:2007cv00594 09/25/2007 550
Riches v. Simpson et al
25 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE vaedce 3:2007cv00606 10/03/2007 550
Riches v. Lindh et al
26 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 2:2007cv00619 09/24/2007 555
Riches v. Noriega
27 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE aredce 4:2007cv00780 08/28/2007 550 10/02/2007
Riches v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc
28 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE nmdce 6:2007cv00843 08/28/2007 440
Riches v. Imus
29 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 3:2007cv00893 09/19/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson
30 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE paedce 2:2006cv01055 03/09/2006 550 07/26/2006
RICHES v. BUSH et al
31 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE okwdce 5:2007cv01066 09/21/2007 820
Riches v. Underwood
32 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE pawdce 2:2007cv01237 09/13/2007 446
33 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE nvdce 2:2007cv01282 09/19/2007 550
Riches v. Simpson
34 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE nvdce 2:2007cv01331 10/01/2007 440
Riches v. Jones
35 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE pawdce 2:2007cv01338 10/03/2007 550
36 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 6:2007cv01378 08/31/2007 440 09/21/2007
Riches v. Presley et al
37 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE candce 3:2006cv01428 02/24/2006 550 05/30/2006
Riches v. Uniform Commercial Code
38 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE wawdce 2:2007cv01480 09/21/2007 820
Riches v. Gates et al
39 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 6:2007cv01504 09/21/2007 440 09/24/2007
Riches v. Simpson et al
40 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE txndce 3:2007cv01626 09/24/2007 550
Riches v. Holy Land Foundation For Relief and Development et al
41 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 8:2007cv01644 09/14/2007 550 09/18/2007
Riches v. Schiavo et al
42 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE lawdce 1:2007cv01656 10/02/2007 550
Riches v. Jena 6
43 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flmdce 8:2007cv01730 09/24/2007 550 09/27/2007
Riches v. Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo et al
44 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE pamdce 1:2007cv01747 09/25/2007 550
Riches v. Beckham et al
45 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE pamdce 1:2007cv01761 09/24/2007 550
Riches v. FEMA et al
46 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE azdce 2:2007cv01824 09/24/2007 550
Riches v. DMX
47 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE gandce 1:2007cv01858 08/03/2007 550 08/16/2007
Riches et al v. Vick et al
48 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE caedce 2:2007cv01985 09/24/2007 550
(PC)Riches v. Kaczynski
49 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE codce 1:2007cv02051 10/01/2007 555
Riches v. McVeigh et al
50 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE iandce 6:2007cv02062 09/10/2007 550 10/03/2007
Riches v. Tyson
51 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE arwdce 2:2007cv02103 09/20/2007 550
Riches v. Karr et al
52 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE gandce 1:2007cv02313 09/21/2007 550
Riches v. Simpson et al
53 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE ohndce 1:2007cv02486 08/16/2007 550 08/23/2007
Riches v. James et al
54 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE mddce 8:2007cv02666 10/03/2007 550
Riches v. Brady et al
55 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 4:2007cv03163 09/19/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson
56 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 4:2007cv03177 09/20/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson et al
57 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 4:2007cv03191 09/24/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson et al
58 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE scdce 4:2007cv03238 09/26/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson et al
59 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE candce 3:2007cv03695 07/18/2007 550 08/20/2007
Riches v. Sheehan et al
60 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE paedce 2:2007cv04009 09/24/2007 550 09/28/2007
61 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE paedce 2:2007cv04149 10/03/2007 550
62 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE candce 3:2007cv04539 08/31/2007 550 10/03/2007
Riches v. Peterson et al
63 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE madce 1:2006cv10499 03/17/2006 550 06/15/2006
Riches v. Federal Reserve Bank et al
64 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE madce 1:2007cv11817 09/26/2007 890
Riches v. Belichick et al
65 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE miedce 2:2007cv13041 07/23/2007 555 08/08/2007
Riches v. Guantanamo Bay et al
66 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flsdce 1:2007cv20042 01/05/2007 550 01/24/2007
Riches v. Doe
67 RICHES, JONATHAN LEE flsdce 0:2007cv61371 09/26/2007 440
Riches v. Simpson et al

Oh yeah, all the cases against Simpson are against O.J.

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  4. 4 Jonathan Lee Riches February 9, 2016 at 11:54 am

    I’am the REAL Jonathan Lee Riches. I am grateful to be able to amused and shock the world through my lawsuit Picasso’s. I only tapped into 1% of my infamy . Stay tuned !

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