A Few Thoughts On Current Events and Coming Events

Well, having taken a couple of days off blogging to give and grade test papers for my business law class and handle more than few crises in and out of town in my law practice, the emails and comments on this blog have indicated that folks want me to say, well, something about what is going on.

Well, the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council gave ECUSA a pass, but not all of the members did nor were they given the opportunity to have input in the final report. Since Wales and Scotland have put the screws to the Archbishop of Canterbury, there will be no Primates meeting to judge the House of Bishops response to the Primates Communique, so +Rowan is telephoning, emailing, and writing folks. The problem with this approach is that consensus will not be reached, just a variety of garbled opinion often uniformed of TEC’s intransigence and the dishonesty of a number of bishops regarding same sex blessings. The result is probably what the liberal Scots and Irish want.

Of course, everyone wants to know my opinion on the Presiding Bishop’s new policy of not letting parishes leave with their property if that church is going to affiliate with another province of the Anglican Communion. Do I think the policy stinks? Yes. Is it legal? Sure. In perpetuity? Probably not in your average common law jurisdiction. Realize that the Presiding Bishop is attempting to set the terms of negotiation. This isn’t something she can enforce against anyone, other than the Bishop of the Diocese by presentment perhaps.

What is even more important to note is that there are many conservative folks who are attached to buildings, and many who are also attached to Communion with Canterbury. TEC is therefore choosing a divide and conquer strategy. It may work. As conservatives, we’ll all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.

I, on the other hand, am attached to my Diocese and not just my parish. Having grown up as part of every Diocesan youth event or mission trip and my involvement on a Diocesan level as an adult make me want to see my Diocese stay together. I am thinking that the only way to accomplish this local unity would be for the Diocese to start moving in a direction out of the Episcopal Church. If we don’t, I think some parishes will leave. Many folks in the Diocese are tired of fighting the good fight and they are disappointed that +Bruce was not more vocal at the House of Bishops meeting. I don’t know what will happen at this Diocesan Convention, but I do know it will be interesting. I’ll be covering it and will be posting about it here and perhaps on StandFirm, starting next Friday. I’m also running for General Convention Deputy again. I’ll have two more years on the Standing Committee.

1 Response to “A Few Thoughts On Current Events and Coming Events”

  1. 1 Tregonsee October 4, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    In light of his past faithfulness, and his brief but public mea culpa concerning his silence at the NO HoB meeting, it will be interesting to see what +Bruce plans to say and more importantly do in the future. We all drop the ball from time to time, being human and fallible. What matters is whether we just walk off the court and bench ourselves, or pick it up and get back in the game.

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