Tobias Haller Reflects On What the Bishop Of New York Said About Same Sex Issues In TEC

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# The House of Bishops as a whole — even with the “Network” bishops missing — is not as liberal as its most liberal members. When they gather, something between the Hive Mind and the Stockholm Effect takes place. The whole is often less than the sum of its parts.
# The idea that gay and lesbian persons are full and equal members of the church is more of a hope than a reality. The ground has shifted considerably from 1979 (when General Convention resolution A053 recommended that bishops and standing committees not allow the ordination of “practicing homosexuals” to any order of ministry) to 2006 (when B033 recommended withholding consent only for the episcopate, for candidates whose manner of life might challenge the wider church) to this week in 2007 when the House of Bishops clarified that yes, this does include partnered gay and lesbian persons.
# That gay and lesbian persons continue to put up with the church may also be a sign of the Stockholm Effect, or of their great faith. I prefer to think it is the latter.
# While no one has a right to be ordained, or a right to get married (the hierarchy has veto powers on both matters) still these may have come to be seen as reasonable expectations, to some extent encouraged by a gradual movement towards greater toleration in the desuetude of 1979’s A053, and the increasing practice of pastoral provision for same sex blessings in a significant minority of dioceses.
# This impression was also encouraged by a crucial act in 2003. The consent to the election of Gene Robinson was a “false dawn” — and was not the celebration of gay and lesbian equality it was perceived to be. The consent had more to do with Gene’s superb personal qualities and track-record as an excellent priest than with his sexuality and his partnership. The consent was given in spite of, not in affirmation of, his private life. The consent to his election thus made it appear both to us and to the world that we were moving faster than we actually were.

2 Responses to “Tobias Haller Reflects On What the Bishop Of New York Said About Same Sex Issues In TEC”

  1. 1 tobias October 1, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    Dear Brad, I posted a comment here earlier but it seems to have gone missing. I am concerned that your headline is seriously misleading, and makes it appear that what follows are statements by Bishop Sisk. Please allow me to clarify that these are not statements by Bishop Sisk, but are entirely my own reactions to a number of things said at the meeting, not only by Bishop Sisk, but by Bishops Roskam, Taylor and Donovan. However, none of the things you cite here in any way represent anything that any of the bishops said in the course of this meeting. These are my reactions. I am concerned that people seeing your headline might attribute these statements to the Bishop. I do not know whether he would or would not agree with my assessments, but these are not things he or any of the other bishops “said.” You know how easily misinformation can circulate on the internet and in the press, so I hope you will take this under consideration. I know you recently had to deal with some misinformation circulating about Bishop Mac, so I hope you understand my concern about misunderstandings.
    God bless you, dear brother in Christ, even across the present divide…

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