Bishop MacPherson Quoted By Reuters Regarding The HOB Statement

From here:

Conservative Bishop Bruce MacPherson of western Louisiana, who voted against Robinson as bishop but opposes splitting the church, said progress was made.

“I would like to have seen a little greater clarity, but I think this was OK,” MacPherson said.

When leading Anglican bishops, or primates, from around the world met in Africa earlier this year they “requested” that the U.S. branch of the church make it clear by September 30 that it would not ordain another openly gay person as a bishop and would not allow the blessing of same sex unions.

1 Response to “Bishop MacPherson Quoted By Reuters Regarding The HOB Statement”

  1. 1 nette September 26, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    Okay, so the document says the majority of Bishops do not have SSBs going on in their diocese. Then that means the Bishops have allowed the press and a vocal minority to brow beat them into submission. Well, the cat is out of the bag. We are the majority. I propose that all CA bishops prefer charges against any Bishop that allows SSB’s in their diocese. With that you would eliminate the 99% of the theological problem as well. Bruno, first. I seem to recall a disiplinary point in the Canon that states a priest or bishop may be deposed or inhibited for bringing disrepute on the Church. Say it loud, say it proud, we are the majority. Now, lets start pulling collars. This goes for the Common Cause bishops as well. Instead of wasting your energy trying to set up a new provence, stop, turn around, and prefer charges against each and every Bishop and then priest that violates the spirit of the document you agreed to. You are the majority, you have no excuse.

    Now, go ahead tell me I am living in a dream world. Tell, me how “everybody says” or “everybody knows” we are the minority in the Episcopal Church. I am asking that you look. Don’t listen to what the world is telling you, look at the facts for yourself. The document says the majority of diocese do not have ssbs going on. Their bishops do not allow it. We are the majority. We have been told it is “enevitable” we have been told by the press that we might as well give up and leave. They lied to us and we believed it.


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