We’ll Get The Fudge Or Whatever We Are Going To Get Tomorrow

However, I tend to think things are sort of looking up, except for Bishop Bruno, who is either lying or saying he will prohibit SSB’s in his Diocese, as they don’t happen without his permission. I would suspect that Bruno does have that kind of control in Los Angeles. Just seems like that type of guy to me. It also seems to me that the liberals are spinning here for the benefit of the left – gays and lesbians are still fully franchised, but we are going to stop SBB’s for the time being and will not consecrate any more bishops in same sex relationships.

In any event, StandFirm had posts on the press conference and what happened in the House this morning and this afternoon. One thing is for sure. StandFirm, Anglican TV, the Living Church, BabyBlue, the IRD, Anglicans United, and others have made General Convention, House of Bishops meetings, and other meetings in the Anglican world a different affair than they were before 2003. Casting light on what was previously shrouded in secrecy, getting the news out there faster than any main stream media outlet, uncontrolled by 815. I thank God for this and the people making it happen. I think this effort has changed things in the Anglican world in ways no one ever thought possible.

1 Response to “We’ll Get The Fudge Or Whatever We Are Going To Get Tomorrow”

  1. 1 Alan September 25, 2007 at 10:48 am

    More than just the Anglican Communion. We are seeing the same sort of change in the secular media about purely secular issues. It is less advanced there, but gone are the days when a handful of outlets could select and decide what was covered, and how. Today it is “Rather” amusing to watch the old media look foolish when they try.

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