A Truly Radical Suggestion for the House of Bishops

From here:

56. HCLD wrote:

The “problem” has not really been properly identified. Just about every argument or case one reads in this matter contains a “they did this” sort of thing. But the “they” have changed, and so have the many “this-es.” Some problems, still with us, cropped up when TEC was very much “the Republican party at prayer” and those were never fixed—like, say, divorce. So, first, we have to get people to designate what the real problems ARE. And that will indeed require more listening. After we do that—and I am deadly serious here—convene the entire House of Bishops again, with children present. I’ll bring my 10-year-old son, if that helps. And have the Bishops discuss the problems with the children and explain, first, why these problems are problems. And, second, how they believe Jesus would deal with these problems. “What would Jesus do?” (Just leave the cloth bracelets home.) EVERY SINGLE BISHOP must do exactly that. And once they’re done, let’s go from there.

Respectfully submitted,

I should send my 10 year old Sarah to this meeting as well. After about, let’s say, half an hour, the bishops would probably ask, “Hey, can I talk to your Dad? He’s a bit more reasonable about these things.”

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