Oh No, The Episcopal Church Hasn’t Approved Same Sex Blessings

Except in these places:

Long Island
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Los Angeles

2 Responses to “Oh No, The Episcopal Church Hasn’t Approved Same Sex Blessings”

  1. 1 The Rev'd Darin Lovelace September 21, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    I think what isn’t accounted for here is the “de facto” acceptance of same-sex partners as “spouses” in many places. Here in Iowa, there are several partnered lesbian clergy. Partners are introduced alongside spouses of married clergy as if there were no distinction. A recent visit of the PB to Iowa included an evening event for spouses and partners – and much was made at that event of the accepted equality among the Episcopal clergy here. Health insurance benefits are ensured for these partnerships, and that may be a state mandate (not sure, exactly).

    Let me be clear that I make no personal judgments of these clergywomen – in fact, I believe them to be sincere and committed to their parishes and to serving God. However, it is insincere by half for the Episcopal Church leadership to say what happened in 2003 was prophetic and at the same time to wink and nod away the notion that blessings of same-sex couples are happening with full knowledge of bishops in many dioceses. In Iowa, that includes clergy, too.

    I think that Kendall Harmon’s post yesterday (Thursday, Sept 20) is right on. Let’s see some honesty from the bishops meeting in NO. I have hopes that the Windsor Bishops will be able to show some common purpose and bring the matter to a clear vote.

    The Rev’d Darin Lovelace
    Durant, Iowa

  2. 2 The Rev'd Darin Lovelace September 21, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Just read Primate Mouneer Anis’ speech to the HOB. Guess asking for clarity is the order of the day. I hope the HOB has the courage to let their “yes” be “yes” or their “no” be “no”.


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