Predictions for LSU vs. South Carolina, September 22

4 Responses to “Predictions for LSU vs. South Carolina, September 22”

  1. 1 Chriss September 17, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    The tigers haven’t had a problem with anyone so far. And, assuming that Va tech was the number
    nine team when they came to BR we should be able to blow out the cocks with no problem. However,
    the head ball coach wont let his team come in and be a pushover. So with that in mind I say that
    usc puts the first legit touchdown up on lsu this season but the game cocks are no match for
    the tigers who are in their own league this year. Final score: 42-7.

    I’ll also go ahead and thro this in the mix to establish my credibility. If the tigers do blow
    the gamecocks out like they should then I am convinced that uf won’t be able to hang with the
    tigers either. I’m thinking that we also blow out the number three gators after demolishing tulane
    the week before. this prediction might seem a little but far fetched to some but the tigers are not
    even comparable to any other team in the country including southern cal. Lsu is the number one team
    in the country this year and after fla gets beat bad everyone will know it. I am just happy that
    i am a life long fan of the fighting tigers.

  2. 2 Dont_Worry_About_It September 20, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    After reading your blog im pretty sure you are either….
    A) 12 years old.
    B) Suffering from the bad case of “Blow it out your ass”

    First off… LSU is not in a league of their own. If im not mistaken their in the SEC conference. They have alot of tough teams to go through before you can call them “Champs”. True LSU “SHOULD” be able to beat South Carolina, but as we have seen before that does not always happen. As far as LSU blowing UF out of the water, I highly doubt it. Should I show you replays of your humiliating loss to Florida in 06? Before you go out on w/e kind of tangent your on, you might wanna think about it instead of being a arrogant pussy cat fan.

    By the way USC TROJANS > LSU ( > means greater than if you happen to forget your Math)

    S.Car 24 – Lsu 21
    Florida 35 – Lsu 18

  3. 3 You r crazy September 21, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Though South Carolina won’t beat LSU, the gamecocks will play the tigers tough tomorrow. The fact that you’re basing your entire prediciton on the fact that Va Tech was really the number 9 team in the nation just solidifies the fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Va Tech was one of the most overrated teams in the nation starting the season (behind only Michigan). And by the way, USC (Southern Cal) is a good team, but could never win week in and week out in the SEC… LSU will beat the hell out of USC if that’s what the season comes down to.

  4. 4 screw_Criss_lol_jk September 21, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    OK Well As the last post says Carolina will play them close. I think that if usc has a chance to win it they will have to keep it close. If they win things will have to bounce right for the gamecocks. I think Carolina only gives LSU one TD. And Ryan Succup kicks a field goal to win it 16-13. In know this is sticking my neck out, but i’m not betting money. 🙂

    Now if Southern Cal were to tangle w/ the tigers i think they would have the edge right now. USC played pretty tough against Nebraska. I haven’t seen LSU play anyone yet. Anyone of value that is. You can’t count VT as value…

    But i agree that most top 10 teams wouldn’t stand a chance in SEC play. Florida proved that to Ohio St.

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