Division Racks Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls, SD and Relations Are Tepid Between Me And Tim Fountain

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One thing that should be pointed out here is that there is a pretty good gap between 2 and 3 in the various polls. LSU and USC are the two teams contending for the national title at this point. While USC is loping around on that wimpy schedule of theirs in the PAC (Punks Athletic Conference) 10, LSU will be getting only stronger with the schedule they have of solid SEC teams, as well as the game with Virginia Tech this Saturday.

Tim is correct in that I am willing to conduct a reconciliation seminar wherein Tim will reconcile himself to the fact that the Tigers are going to take out the Trojans in the BCS Championship game in New Orleans, if not before. In fact, the most reliable indicator of such things has already said LSU will be the champion but will have played the . . . no, wait, it can’t be. . . the Cornhuskers for the BCS Title.

1 Response to “Division Racks Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls, SD and Relations Are Tepid Between Me And Tim Fountain”

  1. 1 Phil Snyder September 5, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    I remember growing up at Trinity Cathedral in Omaha, NE. On Sundays during the fall and winter, Dean Fricke would often celebrate and preach a bit hoarse because he had been yelling at the radio the day before for the Nebraska vs whocares game.

    Fr. Fountain, repent! Embrace the red of courage and Jesus’ blood and the white of our baptism and Jesus’ purity!

    Remember, Trojans are the symbol of sexual promiscuity!

    Phil Snyder

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