Thoughts On The Last Reconciliation & Healing Roadshow In Western Louisiana

Well, the five meetings on reconciliation and healing in the Diocese of Western Louisiana are completed. It has been a lot of Saturdays on the road; it was nice to just drive down to my local parish to give my talk. The presentation went well today; the bishop commented that I had a good rhythm in my presentation today (which does vary since I am working from notes). A couple of folks have asked that I put the presentation on DVD. I might just do that.

However, +Bruce and my father let it be known that this is not over. This is just the first stage in finding a way forward for our Diocese. Reconciliation from within is to keep us united so we can chart a direction together, as I’ve written earlier. Now, I think, will come some process of discernment in the post-September 30 Anglican world, particularly if the House of Bishops rejects the Primates’ Communique and Schedule from Tanzania. So, the team was told to be on the lookout for any letters in cream colored envelopes with purple lettering that are addressed to us personally, no label (which would indicate a much larger mailing than this will be.)

All in all, though, the five meetings probably included over 600 members of the Diocese. I think that is a tremendous success.

One of the things I think that truly made this work was that it was not put on by hired guns or folks from outside of the Diocese, so there was an increased level of trust towards those presenting the program.

A couple of folks have asked that I make a DVD of my presentation. I may very well do that. I might even add to it to discuss what the House of Bishops does at their next meeting.

1 Response to “Thoughts On The Last Reconciliation & Healing Roadshow In Western Louisiana”

  1. 1 Douglas LeBlanc August 27, 2007 at 11:12 am

    I do hope you’ll make a DVD of your presentation, Brad. The Diocese of Western Louisiana is the only conservative diocese I’m aware of that has committed itself so openly to a vision of reconciliation. I’d love to hear a bit of how that sounds.

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