Women Priests Departing From ECUSA: A Request For Information From Alice Linsley

A Stat TEC Doesn’t Track

Alice C. Linsley

How many Episcopal clergywomen have left the Episcopal Church in the past 3 years?

It is difficult to say since the Episcopal Church Center has not updated the statistics on clergy number by gender since 2004. In 2004, female clergy comprised 29.2% of all Episcopal clergy serving in the continental United States.

Since I left ordained ministry in the Episcopal in March 2004, I’ve come to know of 3 other women who have done likewise. Interestingly, all of us have joined the Orthodox Church.

I live in Kentucky. Another lives in Maine. Another lives in Idaho and the fourth lives in Florida, so this departure doesn’t represent discontent with the leadership of a particular diocese or province. It appears to reflect discontent with the leadership of The Episcopal Church and the direction that TEC is going.

I’m curious to know about other women who have left ordained ministry in TEC. If you were formerly an Episcopal clergywoman or if you know of one, please respond to this inquiry by posting a comment with the following information:

The women’s first name only
Whether she was a priest or deacon
The state in which she resides
The year she set aside her orders
The church with which she has affiliated.

I’ll compile the results and post the findings in a few months. I’m counting on readers to help track a statistic that the Episcopal Church has turned a blind eye to or which is a cause of embarrassment. By this means we can estimate the departure of female clergy from TEC and look for trends.

You can email Alice at aproeditor – at – windstream – dot – net

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