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Misery Loves Company

The Evangelical Lutheran Church, with whom the Episcopal Church is striving toward full communion, has passed a resolution at its general synod which will ask bishops not to discipline actively homosexual pastors, despite passing an earlier resolution which appeared to hold the line for traditional theology regarding sexuality.

Of course, this step by the ELCA is the same step taken by ECUSA in the Righter heresy trial – saying that homosexual activity does not violate the core doctrine of the church (similar to what the Anglican Church of Canada did this summer as well). While not an outright repudiation of traditional theology, that will come because those who want such a repudiation have nothing to fear in their advocacy of the same. I give the ELCA six years before a crisis occurs; frankly, it is already starting now.

Brief Word Regarding The Camp Allen Meeting

Of course, I am going to reference the investigative thread at StandFirm as to who was there. As an aside, it is correct that Bishops Ohl and Dabney Smith were not there; I have no idea why. However, Bishop Little was not there because he is on sabbatical and not for any of the speculative reasons given by some. Mark Harris was correct about Canon Gregory Cameron being present from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff.

According to my most reliable source, the meeting went very well and more will be made known in the not too distant future.