Reconciliation Meeting in Shreveport

Had a wonderful meeting in Shreveport today, following the same reconciliation format. Had about 120 people, which is not bad considering a number of parishes in the Shreveport convocation are between rectors. These gatherings are making a difference in the Diocese. I think, perhaps, that our Diocese was in a place where reconciliation could still happen, even though similar efforts have failed on the national church level. I’m looking forward to Lafayette. I’m not so much looking forward to the meeting in Alexandria, mostly because I’ll be speaking to my home crowd. I wish some one else would give my talk so that it would be more believable. Prophet in your own hometown…that old thing.

One thing that did happen today is when the Holy Spirit revealed something very obvious to me; we’ll see how it plays out. Another thing that happened today to me was that I was drawn into intense prayer in tongues before I gave my talk. In Monroe and Lake Charles, I have to honestly admit I did not feel comfortable giving the talk. How to encapsulate the Primates Communique, the Draft Covenant, and the reasons behind it all into thirty minutes is the question that plagued me. However, the Monroe presentation was better than the Lake Charles presentation, so I knew this could get better. However, I didn’t re-write anything for the Shreveport meeting, but I did endeavor to be in a different place spiritually when I gave it. Frankly, I knew I had to be in a different place, because the past two times after spending the morning focusing on Jesus Christ and the ministry of reconciliation that is ours I was the guy dropping a big anvil into the middle of room. Much like giving the Obstacles To Grace talk in the middle of a Cursillo weekend. For those not familiar with Cursillo, it would be like someone reciting Dante’s Inferno during announcement time at the Easter Vigil service. Or, maybe, Purgatorio. So much of what you say is colored by where you are spiritually, even when saying the very same words. In any event, the team commented that today’s talk was the best one given so far. It also fit in 30 minutes, which is a miracle.

The other thing that came to my attention is that I have not, as of yet, on this blog, brought to the attention of my readers one of the great theological treasures of our Diocese, Dr. Cheryl White. She has a Ph.D in Church History and History of Dogmatic Theology from North West University, in conjunction with Greenwich School of Theology, in the United Kingdom. So, she knows a little bit about Anglicanism and writes regularly for the Diocesan Newspaper, the Alive.

In any event, in one of those I’ll really need to get to this when I can regarding the blog, I had often thought “hey, I need to email Cheryl and get her to send me her stuff so I can post it on my blog.” She recently wrote an important and very good piece for the Alive this month, and now Alive is online so I thought, hey, I can cut and paste. That and another piece by Cheryl will be the next posts on the blog. However, the Diocesan website (and I am sorry I missed this) also has her eight part series on Our Anglican Heritage, and another piece in HTML format. So, below are the links to the Our Anglican Heritage series.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.

Part Six. (A really great piece about the 39 articles.)

Part Seven.

Part Eight.

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