The Confessing Reader Breaks His Silence (WOW!!!)

From here:

I disagree with Bishop Duncan, for whom I have the greatest respect and affection. The Lambeth Conference is not lost as an instrument of communion among the Anglican Churches unless the conservative, faithful evangelical and catholic bishops of the Communion allow it to be lost. I do not deny that Dr Williams’ actions and stated plans (which I believe are plans designed by the Anglican Communion Office, an office dominated by those sympathetic to the reappraising theology and praxis of The Episcopal Church, and imposed on a theological genius and political naif) have deeply endangered the developing conciliar authority of the Conference. But the conciliar authority of the Conference as an episcopal synod is a nettle that must now be grasped by these faithful bishops of the Communion. They must not abandon the Lambeth Conference to the liberals and reappraisers. I urge Bishop Duncan, Bishop Scott-Joynt, the conservative bishops of the Church of England (the “six in ten” whom Bishop Scott-Joynt counted) and the primates and bishops of the Global South Churches to attend the Lambeth Conference with the intention of impressing on Dr Williams the importance of allowing the Lambeth Conference to assume its rightful pneumatic authority to deal with the current crisis, not only by discussing the draft text of a Covenant but also by taking counsel together to decide the status of The Episcopal Church and of those bishops who continue their rejection of the standards of Communion teaching and praxis and the resolutions of the Dar es Salaam communiqué.

Reverend Fathers in God, you must not abandon the Lambeth Conference to those who would destroy Anglicanism’s conciliar catholicism. Do not allow the Conference to become a robber synod, nor even a mere “expensive prelatical training course“, a fiddling in the burning ruins of the Church.

The faithful catholic and apostolic witness of Anglicanism hangs in the balance.

The faithful witness of my family, and thousands upon thousands of other families, hangs in the balance.

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