Joseph Trimble, A Layman In Western Louisiana Weighs In On Reconciliation

From an email:

In August the diocesan gatherings resume under the leadership of the “Task Force on Reconciliation and Healing.”  The guiding principle voiced by Bishop MacPherson: “We must first be reconciled to God, and then with each other.”  Thus we have two tasks.  Much attention is being given to the second  of these tasks.  Through dialogue among those who rarely sit at the same table, understanding is gained and friendships established or renewed.  There is reconciliation without agreement, but reconciliation nonetheless.

But what of Task One:  Reconciliation with God?  The real problem of reconciliation is not with those with whom we disagree, but between ourselves and our God as we struggle with spiritual contradictions directly related to our membership in The Episcopal Church.  We who hold to the “Faith of our Fathers” are coming to realize that we are living a hopeless lie by maintaining ties with a church intent on purifying itself of “backward” orthodox beliefs such as the uniqueness of Christ and the authority of holy scripture.

When the various Communion “processes,” — Windsor, Dar es Salaam, Covenant — run their course without any concession by TEC, and its enthusiasm for innovation continues unabated, membership therein by orthodox believers becomes incompatible with membership in the Body of Christ.  It is this epiphany which is driving individuals, parishes and entire dioceses to seek reconciliation with God through separation from TEC.

“From hardness of heart and contempt of thy Word and Commandents, Good Lord, deliver us.”

Joseph Trimble

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