Episcopal Leftists Have Hit Rock Bottom and Started to Dig On The Decency Scale

Greg Griffith outlines it all. What is truly sad about all this stuff is that I know most of these people personally. I’ve had drinks with these folks, laughed with them, and in some cases shared a meal with them. They really aren’t like this in real life in face to face contact. But, when the mask of the Episcopal left slips on the internet, well, for me, my heart just breaks. On the other hand, what drives me the most crazy about these folks is that they complain to me about folks like me not making room for them at the table, as if they don’t know the fact that they control the table, and that they can hurt anyone they want and say “get over it” but if you commit the slightest slight, they bleed all over you. It makes no sense.

1 Response to “Episcopal Leftists Have Hit Rock Bottom and Started to Dig On The Decency Scale”

  1. 1 padraic July 17, 2007 at 12:05 am

    And they keep digging,and digging and digging……
    I just read of Kaeton’s last exchange with the Kennedys on
    Stand Firm and it’s hard to express how angry I am at her flat out venomous malice and hubris in intimating her inclination to sic social services on them as well as their revisionist bishop.
    Hubris is such an apropo description of her actions.
    ‘violent over-stepping of the mark’,
    ‘pride of that tramples underfoot the unwritten laws of gods and men’
    ‘the sin of hubris,of insolence,ready to trample in violence over law and liberty to gratify
    selfish lust and pride'(Ernest Myers).
    She wants to hurt and destroy that family.
    ‘Hubris,wanton insolence,is the spirit that hurts someone in a cold,detached way,and
    then stands back to see the other person wince.It is hurting for hurting’s sake,and it involves
    deliberate humiliation of the person injured.’ Wm.Barclay
    My prayers are with the Kennedy family(Psalm 35:22-28).

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