And now, A Word About Kairos (Post will remain at the top of blog until the weekend-new posts below)



Kairos USP Pollock #5 will be May 25-28, this upcoming weekend. This important ministry inside the walls needs your support!

Since cookies are not allowed in the federal prisons, what can you do?

1. Write letters (agape)

Letters or notes to the men on the inside are a powerful witness that the Christian community, and, therefore, Jesus Christ, cares for them and loves them. You can use regular paper or even greeting cards or note cards in envelopes. Since the participant list can change at the last minute, it is best to address the letters “Dear brother in Christ” or “Dear friend”. The letters should be relatively simple, telling the participants that you are praying for them in the hopes that they will find what you have found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide in what you would write. Please provide 18 letters or cards so that each participant will receive one from you.

2. Prayer

Pray, pray, pray! The weekend is built on prayer. It is only by the grace of God that no violent incidents will happen at the prison that weekend, that the team and participants will stay well, and that the weekend will be full of God’s grace and love. Kairos team members have certain times that need to be covered for the weekend so that each minute of the weekend is covered in prayer.

3. Green agape

As with all things, money is an important part so that we can cover the expenses associated with the weekend. Each team member is asked to raise (not donate themselves) $175 toward sponsoring a participant’s attendance at the weekend.

4. Children’s agape

There is tremendous healing power for these men in prison in receiving pictures from small children. Whether it is coloring, glue and construction paper, or freehand drawings, children’s agape is a vehicle for God’s love to enter the hearts of the participants. While the child should sign their first name it and put their age, DO NOT PUT THE CHILD’S LAST NAME ON THE AGAPE.

When does the team need these items of agape?

No later than ten a.m. on Friday, May 25. Items of agape may be dropped off at the St. James Episcopal Church office, with Brad Drell, or Dean and Glenda Smith.

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