What Is Happening Lately…Prison Ministry, Anglican Implosion, Holy Week

I had a wonderful time at our Kairos retreat at USP Pollock last weekend. Lots of new guys attended the program, which is a very good thing. Things have been rather tense out at the prison from what I can tell, and a Kairos weekend over memorial day weekend should do the trick to turn the tide. I once heard that the crime rate drops in a city where a Promise Keeper event is being held. I think the rate of violent and other incidences drops at a prison where a Kairos weekend is going on. Anecdotally, I’ve never heard of a prison where that doesn’t happen, although once we had a two day retreat at USP Pollock interrupted by a lock down. Sometimes, the heavy duty spiritual warfare hits hard.

I’ve been keeping up with the Anglican events. Of course, the big buzz is Colorado, where I think all out litigation will ultimately result, with lawsuits filed by everybody against everybody, so to speak, and we’ll have to await any sort of resolution. I think we can forget about the truth at this point; all there will be is stories.

On the other side of the coin, everyone needs to know there will be no Windsor Bishops meeting this month due to scheduling difficulties, but I’m sure they will be meeting some in the near future.

While I think we all want to see the Primatial Vicar scheme go forward, I think the HOB cannot abide the presence of other bishops to supervise the Vicar or have any role in his appointment. Sometimes I think that those that want alternative primatial oversight ought to take the Presiding Bishop up on her previous offer and see who she appoints. If that person is unacceptable, just decline. The hang up seems to be over who appoints the Vicar. However, it seems to me that, for this scheme to work, it has to do something to make those who will receive the Vicar’s ministry happy about who is providing it. That is the point of the scheme. I think it is safe to say that the PB wouldn’t appoint a stark raving liberal; that would shut the whole process down. So, she’d have to appoint a conservative. If the conservative isn’t conservative enough, that is a non-starter. I really think the conservatives ought to make a move to get the Primatial Vicar appointed, and I think the Windsor Bishops can give the PB suggestions, primarily through my bishop, +Bruce, who is President of her Council of Advice. If the appointment turns out to be unacceptable, then I think the Windsor Bishops could bounce the ball back the Primates and say, “We tried,” in the face of TEC arrogance.

I still think there is a snowball’s chance in hell any of the other requests of the Primates will be accepted by the HOB or the Executive Council. So, come September 30, structural changes will begin to emerge in the Communion. Lambeth invitations will go out, and TEC will slowly but effectively be squeezed out of the Anglican Communion.

This Holy Week at St. James we’ll have the usual panoply of services, with a Sedar Supper preceding the Eucharist. Also, we will actually have Holy Saturday services this year. I’ve never been to that service, so I am going, although it appears to be very short in the BCP.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to have an Easter Vigil this year. Hopefully, St. Tim’s is having one I can attend. I love that service.

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