Camp Allen II: Preliminary Thoughts Awaiting The Press Release

I’ve been told there will be a press release today, and I have made arrangements to receive same by email as soon as it is released. If it is anything like the last Camp Allen meeting, they won’t release it until 5 p.m. or so today, but who knows. I would venture to say that the statement is finished, the Bishops have left Camp Allen to return home, and the release is well, not released.

I’m sure we’ll see an affirmation of the previous Camp Allen statement, inclusive of the new bishops who have attended this meeting.

The big question is, of course, whether they will recommend folks to attend with +Jefferts Shori the Primates’ Meeting in Tanzania. I’m sure the Windsor Bishops may have questioned whether it is their place to do this, but I suspect, based on +Rowan’s prior statements, that Canterbury would like them to do so. If they do, they need to pick, I think, Bishop Iker or Duncan, Bishop Steenson or MacPherson, and Bishop Wimberly or Jenkins, to represent the continuum of Windsor Bishop perspectives. Anything less than this, and the representation would not be, well, representative.

Hopefully, if the Camp Allen Bishops haven’t suggested some names, maybe someone up at 815 or Lambeth might be listening.

In any event, press release soon….er or later.

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