A Little Bit Of Where I Am Now…

I am feeling a sense that I’ve accomplished what I needed to accomplish as far as letting my national church know how I and many others feel about what is going on in the Episcopal Church. This blog is certainly a witness to that. I wrote a farewell of sorts to the HOBD listserv yesterday:

Dear Dean Werner and the rest of the list:

Interestingly, I just came back from a Kairos weekend – my final prison to visit by serving on a team as state chair – at David Wade Correctional Center. I have continued to be amazed at the Church in action on these Kairos teams all around the state, with Christians of every stripe serving the Lord together with miracles of salvation and transformation abounding. Kairos, of course, relies on the outside church for prayer and physical support, and could not exist without the Church on the outside.

However, that doesn’t stop me from asking the question of “why can’t church on the outside, and, in particular, the Episcopal Church, be more like church in the inside of a prison, as I’ve seen through Kairos and other ministries?” Many Kairos volunteers ask this question. Now having served my fifteenth Kairos weekend team in six years and attended my first General Convention of the Episcopal Church, I’ve had this thought. The problem is honesty. On the outside, we are so often not honest with each other about who we are and others things, and we are dishonest with outselves and God about the depth of our need for salvation and forgiveness of our sins from Jesus Christ.

I’ve read many of the posts this morning that were made while I was at Wade Correctional. I also had a really long drive home last night, alone, and I’ve done some thinking and praying. I really don’t think there is a whole lot more I can add to any of these discussions. I’ll keep reading the list, but I’ve said what I think, you have heard it, and I just don’t have anymore to add. I might run for deputy again and re-join the discussions on the list if we start making some sort of progress.

I love all of you. Jesus loves all of you.

Your brother in Christ,
Brad Drell
Lay 1, Western Louisiana

I wouldn’t dare predict what happens next. Some folks on the liberal side in our church continue to grasp at straws for a way to somehow fix this situation. They simply are not prepared to do what is necessary to bridge the chasm. Reasonable suggestions have been rejected.

So, all we can do is pray for the bishops meeting in Texas, in Africa, and elsewhere.

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