General Convention 2006 Lagniappe (A Little Something Extra)

This post will basically be some stream of consciousness recollections about GC2006; those hairy little details that may or may not be significant.

I couldn’t go anywhere at General Convention without being stopped by someone to talk who had read my stuff on the HOBD listserv. Even in an elevator without my nametag, someone asked me how the new baby was.

I have a real bond with those frequent posters on the HOBD listserv, known as the Verbosians. We truly love each other. I think they ought to appoint our little group to arrange for a velvet divorce, as I’ve heard mentioned on other blogs.

Strange things I saw from my view as a redneck from Louisiana, other observations, moments I hadn’t blogged about yet, and humor:

Bishop Adams discussing things with Bishop Duque-Gomez on a bench in the hall early on in convention, probably due to his responses to Louie’s interview; Gomez was Adams’ nominee.

Joking discussion regarding the rights of passage and the idea that Louisianians need a rooster fighting blessing, and we can’t call it cock fighting for obvious reasons.

I met Ed Bacon, the rector of All Saint’s, Pasadena, who got in trouble with the IRS for being too political (towards the left, at that) in his sermons. He then turned around and greeted Bishop Bruno and they kissed on the lips. I just don’t see that kind of greeting between men much around here. Maybe I am a bit homophobic…

Made some great friendships that will probably be lifelong at GC2006 – Liz Zivanov, Ann Fontaine, John Liebler, Christopher Wells, Mike Daley, Greg Griffith, and Sarah Hey, to name a few. I’ve gotten very close to everyone in my deputation, which will be a source of constant blessing for years to come. The conservative Anglican bloggers around are now more bonded than ever, so look out. Those that work with the AAC and the ACN are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, are truly faithful Christians, and I am blessed to know them, especially Ellis Brust. When I walked off the floor on Tuesday after the vote on A161 (the moratoria), Ellis hugged me and gave me the “new pin”, which is a compass rose pin for the Anglican Communion. Quite a moment there.

At the beginning of convention orientation, they announced we would have UTO boxes on our tables to put coins in any time we got blessed with a vote or whatever. The Diocese of Western Louisiana turned ours into the good move box – any time someone did something stupid, asked a stupid question, caused an unreasonable delay of game, or said something just logically incoherent on the floor of the House of Deputies, we would put a coin in. I think Miguel from Honduras is going to Harvard…

Nashotah House has the youngest enrollment of any Episcopal seminary. There is hope for the future of Anglicanism in North America.

The rock/jazz/tradition fusion music of Isaac Everett was awesome. To here traditional hymns done in a contemporary fashion, particularly Ubi Caritas, a taize hymn, lifted my Spirits. You can here a Kyrie here that is pretty representative of Everett’s work:,%20isaac%20-%20kyrie.mp3

The best food available in Columbus, Ohio, is Thai food, bar none, and it is everywhere and cheap.

Thank God that Fame’s Breakfast Café has biscuits. Breakfast would have been a difficult affair otherwise.

Since the Verbosians drank all my whiskey, I had to buy more mid-convention. Thus, the Jim Beam racing hat (free with the whiskey) with the Millennium Development Goals Button (from the U2 service) was our deputation marker decoration. If I ever go back to General Convention, I’ll bring something better, like a Nutria fur or something…

The main obstacle to the Episcopal Church truly being a witness to the Gospel is not disagreement, bad theology, heterodoxy, or liberalism. It is the Episcopal tendency to bureaucratize everything to death. Witness D021, my prison ministry resolution. By the way, even though we did get the funding, which I thought was going to be the hard part, the resolution never made it to the floor, much to my surprise.

The main protest to the budget was from the prayer book people. They really want to revise it to make it more inclusive. I hate to tell them that the BCP exists for the church, not the other way around…I’m glad the budget cut them back and focused more on mission.

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