Last Day At Work Before Leaving For General Convention

Got quite a few things to do, plus get started on some possible resolutions I may need to file when I get there. What a mess.

You only get three resolutions, and I’ve been advised to hold one in reserve, just in case.

One would think that a resolution that canonizes Windsor Report compliance might come from someone other than me. Well, one isn’t filed yet. Nothing like waiting to the last minute.

Also, the Diocese of San Diego’s resolution on ECUSA’s membership in the coalition for repoductive choice, calling for an up or down vote on same, is not in proper form. It needs to ask that we affirm or membership, or withdraw. It can’t just ask for an up or down vote.

Which to write? Which to submit?

Hopefully, some of this will get worked out when I get there and start talking with folks, meeting with other deputies, and so on.

But, better to be prepared.

I have a new emotion about this convention every five minutes.

The only one that doesn’t change is this – I will miss my family terribly being gone so long. I will miss our family vacation this year. All for the sake of – what? The Episcopal Church?

I’ve put a lot of effort out there since being elected as deputy – attending meetings, writing to the HOBD listserv, writing pieces and cleaning SPAM on this blog. I’ve got a whole lot invested in this thing.

I have to put it all in God’s hands, trusting that He called me to do what I’ve been doing.

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