Network Grows Bolder From Hope And A Future Conference

From what I’ve read and seen about the Hope and A Future Conference, I feel my own thoughts are confirmed in that the whole situation is pretty hopeless for GC2006. It has been described as a Maunday Thursday conference, which would seem apt – following Jesus’ commands and exepecting death the next day. Bishop Duncan thinks he will be deposed. I think it is a fair assessment that GC2006 will likely ignore calls to implement the Windsor Report.

It is definitely time to do more on the ground mobilizing. The controversy that will erupt from GC2006 will impact every Diocese and every parish.

I still have a very bleak hope that something good will come out of GC2006. But, that can only become real if the revisionists within the church simply have no choice but to follow Windsor. Creating the environment in which that can happen is a Herculean task. But the Plano and Pittsburgh conference have been steps in that right direction. Our job, as orthodox Anglicans, is to make the follow through happen.

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