Greg Griffith’s Analysis of the Via Media Minutes

Very long, but definitely worth the read.

A snippit:

After all this, though, if orthodox Episcopalians take anything from this controversy, it is that for at least one prominent group of liberal strategists, the matter of “The Day After” refers to “The Day After ECUSA Is No Longer in the Anglican Communion.” Lock and load, brothers and sisters… I’ll see you all on the beach.


The circumstances behind the leaking of these minutes, while not nearly as interesting as the questions the document raises, are still pretty interesting nonetheless.

I don’t have the original document, and I haven’t seen the one that eventually found its way into Brad Drell’s and The Living Church’s hands, but my 20 years’ experience in the production and transmission of electronic documents lets me say with 100% certainty that the original leaked memo was a printed copy, that was then faxed, and finally passed through an optical character recognition (OCR) program that translated it into a digital document. There are several telltale signs (and one little beauty worthy of the RatherGate memos) that removes all doubt as to the document’s provenance.

Why is this significant?

Some of the early speculation as to how the document got out of Via Media’s hands centers around errant email – for example, a message with an attachment that got forwarded to the wrong party, or some unfortunate use of the dreaded “reply all” button. In other words, that the leak was purely an accident.

But the fact that this document came from a printed source makes it far more likely that it was willfully given by someone on the inside, to someone on the outside. This means that, all of a sudden, the odds that there’s a whistleblower inside Via Media are almost 100%. Hmmmm… now which one could it be?

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