My Post to the HOBD listserv on Marcus Borg

For the information of the list, this is the quote from Marcus Borg I had on my blog.

“When I was an adolescent and young adult, I struggled with trying to believe, and finally was no longer able to do so. Now I see that it is not a question of belief, and there is much that I do not believe. I do not believe that Christianity is the only way of salvation, or that the Bible is the revealed will of God, or that Jesus was the unique Son of God. Rather, I now see that the Christian tradition—including its claims about Jesus—is not something to be believed, but something to be lived in. I see that Bible and the tradition as “icons,” mediators of the sacred. The point is not to believe them, but to be in relationship to that which they mediate: God, the Spirit, the sacred. My own journey has thus been “beyond belief.” It has moved from belief through doubt and disbelief to relationship. For me, to be a Christian is to be part of a community that tells these stories and sings these songs. It feels like home.”

Why tell these stories if they are a lie? Because it makes us feel good?

So, Mr. Borg likes hanging out with folks who make these “claims” about Jesus. What happens in the Episcopal Church when there is no one left making these claims?

My claim about Marcus Borg being a “secular” Christian is analogous to a secular Jew – someone who doesn’t believe in God, but still practices the trappings of the Jewish culture and faith. I think this is what Borg is talking about when he says “to be a Christian is to be part of a community that tells these stories and sings these songs. It feels like home,” when he doesn’t believe in the central beliefs of Christianity.

I don’t see how I can misunderstand Borg and where he is coming from. What he says is clear. He doesn’t believe, he just “lives” in it. This person is what (edited) considers to be a denominational treasure. If what he writes is “treasured” by our denomination, then it is no small wonder why Mr. Dague was threatened with excommunication, because he actually believes the stuff Mr. Borg “lives in.”

Maybe the conservative pundits are right – there are two different religions within ECUSA.

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