IRD on ECUSA’s Nottingham Paper

“One must note the irony of this argument stressing ambiguity, given the unusual clarity that the Episcopal Church often shows on political issues such as the federal budget, welfare reform and the war in Iraq. In such cases, Episcopal Church leaders are unwilling to admit much room for Christians to disagree on political issues on which Scripture gives little or no counsel. They have no trouble finding absolutist moral language to denounce President Bush’s policies. Yet when it comes to homosexuality, the same Episcopal Church leaders are eager to suspend moral judgment while they entertain the question of “What are the reasons given and do those same reasons apply in the same way in our own situation?”

At this point we should recognize that the arguments offered by the Episcopal Church are based in scriptural skepticism rather than scriptural authority. They offer reasons why homosexuality should be left off the list of prohibited sexual expressions, and examples of how Scripture is sometimes wrong and needs to be corrected. But there is no positive argument offered from Scripture for this drastic theological innovation.”

Read it all.

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