Intercessors Prayer Guide for a Kairos Weekend

In the name and power of Jesus Christ bind the interference of Satan and all dark forces of this world in any activities or events connected with Kairos.

Pray for God’s anointing on each team member, that each one will know in their heart that God wants him or her on this weekend.

Pray that the team will come together as the Body of Christ.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts, minds and souls of the residents to receive the love of God.

Pray for the setup time, that all arrangements will go smoothly and all supplies will get through prison security quickly without any complications.

Pray that the team will remember and be alert to the policies and procedures of the prison.

Pray for the team while traveling during the weekend; going from their homes or their motel to the prison and the support team as they travel attending to their responsibilities.

Pray for the safety of the support team; pray that they will work together to accomplish their tasks.

Pray for the team’s health. Pray that they will be physically prepared for the weekend, well rested, free from colds or other sickness.

Pray that God’s purposes will be accomplished and that team members will minister the love of Jesus Christ to the residents, the prison staff, and everyone they meet.

Pray for the team’s families at home, that God will protect them from adversity. Pray that the team members and their families will not worry about each other but will trust God for the family members’ safety. Pray that there will be no discord among the team members’ families.

Pray for this time of ministry, that the team will be sensitive to God’s work and His purposes, and that the weekend will be anointed by the Holy Spirit and will bring honor and glory to God.

In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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