Primates Meeting, Day Three

Well, no news to report. Frank in the back of the Primate’s meeting photograph looking pretty dejected though. Even David Virtue didn’t have much to report. Tomorrow may be the big day. But, I’m sure the liberals think this picture posted by ACNS shows a happy family, even with Frank in the back…

But, here at Drell’s Descants, we have plenty of good and fun things to read.

As a follow up: It turns out that the Woman at the Well story has all to do with Samaritan culture worshiping the Lord and their own gods, and something about the Babylonian Captivity and the moving in of foreign tribes and abuse of women. I’m just not qualified for this advanced placement religion known as Anglicanism, but, I’ll be damned, I don’t see what is the big point is. If the Samaritan Woman is not a sinner, then, okay, it is just an appeal to the gentiles, and we need to get rid of our idols. Idols like glorification of sex above all else? I don’t know. But it seems, no matter what I say, you can’t name anyone else’s sin, even in the bible, unless you are Jesus, and not even if you identify with it. Every single discussion I have on the HOBD listserv ultimately comes down to homosexuality. Even when I talk of prison ministry I am accused of compartmentalizing my faith, which has got to include inclusivity of homosexuals or is not a real faith at all. Even when I admit I am a theological nitwit, I am then accussed of not seeing what is patently there in the scriptures, being too bound up in my own culture. I am told I am wrong in very strong words, even when I caveat a comment with “I may be wrong.”

Are my words so strong that even when I express doubt I must get blasted on by the liberals? I even shower them with humor, and they have none of it (although who wouldn’t like the Thibeaux story – even that got them.) But, as was expressed to me today – homosexuality has always been the elephant in the living room, and you are a stupid person for not seeing it. In reply, all I can say is that the scriptural prohibitions on homosexuality is an even bigger elephant in the living room, and we are about to have a living room no more due to all the elephants. Of course, it is all my fault – a 33 year old conservative who wasn’t dialoguing about homosexuality in the church when I was eight years old.

I’ve listened to so much of this stuff, I need a new pair of ears.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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